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Markiel exhibited his works in 1947 in � Galerie St-Placide �.
In 1952 he obtained the first price for portrait in the Galerie d'Orsel for a portrait
painted when he was young in Poland.
He sells 9 paintings to S.A. Degen in New-York for 58 000 F in 1953.

He participated in the great Salons, and had regurlaly exhibitions in the "Salon des Ind�pendants".
He had many personnal exhibitions.

Awarded by the City of Paris price in 1955,
Exhibit a painting in Bourges in June 1964
Awarded by � hors concours price � in Deauville,
February 1967 exhibition of a painting in Cherbourg,
Silver medal from the Salon des Artistes fran�ais in 1972,
Exhibition in Strasbourg in March 1974 at the � Maison d'Art alsacienne �,
Baden-Baden in 1975 : gold medal � l'exposition internationale
Gallerie Aleph : exhibition in November 1981
March April 1990 � galerie 21 � rue Servandoni
Galerie Everaerts : October 1988, and later March 2004
Orangerie du S�nat 1983
Dieppe, Gallerie Montador : September 1997
Fondation Taylor : april 2001
in March 2004 last personal exhibition at the "Maison des Artistes" of Nogent.
Participation in the exhibition "Montparnasse d�port�" en 2005

His paintings are in private collections in France, Germany, Belgium, Poland, United Kingdom, Israel, USA, Canada and Australia.

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